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SmartDelux® is a company dealing with the development of innovative products  for everyday use.

Our mission is to find and implement simple and convenient solutions for the various tasks of your life.

No matter which SmartDelux® product you buy, be aware that you receive the most advanced solution.

Each of our products is Smart and any of our products are Deluxe ...

Our products

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13-port Aluminum USB Hub (Black) (10 ports USB 3.0 + 3 SMART CHARGING ports) — SDU3-P10C3

13-port Aluminum USB Hub (Black)

(10 ports USB 3.0 + 3 SMART CHARGING ports) — SDU3-P10C3

Lapel Microphone PowerDeWise (microphone + extension cable + adapter + case) — SDML-PW1 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Dock (Black) (for iPhone + AirPods + Apple Watch) — SDDS-C3-1B Flash Drive 32 Gb USB 3.0 with Fingerprint Scanner (Gold) (scanner + AES256 encryption) — DM32-1G Lapel Microphones 2X PowerDeWise Set (2X microphone + 2X extension cable + 2X adapter + case) — SDML-PW2

Warranty and service

For all our products, SmartDelux® provides a warranty that confirms the obligation for the absence of factory defects in the product. The warranty period is specified in the description of each product on our website. All our products have passed the necessary certification in the US and EU countries. Warranty services are handled directly by our authorized service centers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions and suggestions. They will be taken into account when modifying existing products and developing new innovative solutions